Customer Testimonials

Con Ed Repair

David, Woke up at 2am. As I was dropping back to sleep I heard the generator start and in an instant there was a bang and the power came on. It was generator power and upon inspection I saw the street lights across the street and near the transformer were out. The generator went for a little less than ten minutes and then powered down as Con Ed came back online. It works!!! This is the first time this has happened to my knowledge. THANKS! Judy

-Judy, White Plains, NY

Exception Long-Term Service

Dear Mr. Wien, We have been very very satisfied with all work performed by David and ipower. He designed, installed and has maintained our generator for the past three years. We have had no problems with either the generator or David at all. During major outages he even emails me to make sure we are okay. He is always accessible. We have lost power a number of times over the past few years and for 12 days following Hurricane Sandy. We were the only ones with power in our neighborhood! There is really no advice I can give to you other than to let David take care of as much as he is willing to and sit back. This was the smartest money I have ever spent! Good luck! Nancy

-Scarsdale, NY

Cruising through

Hi, David - The iPower system is really great. the neighborhood has lost power three times in the last two weeks and we just cruised on through. Let me know when you can check on the system. Thanks, B

-Rowayton, CT